Paint and Décor: Internal doors: interior design’s forgotten child – until now!

Considered until recently as the poor relation to the new wall covering, flooring or furniture choice, and often overlooked by home owners and interior designers alike, the signs are that the Irish consumer is awakening to the impact the internal door can have on a renovation, according to B&G Home Brand.

Unlike our US and European counterparts, we haven’t always given the internal door its credit in the overall look and feel of a room, thinking of it as functional, rather than decorative. But that appears to be changing.

A door is a statement of style; it is the first thing you see as you walk in to every room of your house and a fantastic way to show your taste and character. While exterior doors might have the greatest influence on how the property appears to outsiders, it’s the ones on the inside that you’ll spend the most time looking at. After many years of recurring demand for the staple Irish traditional and Shaker styles, new purchase patterns are rejuvenating the sector. Broadly, we are grouping these into three distinct trends as below: • white – the shift to white in the contemporary and classic styles;
• bright – the move to glazed interior doors to brighten your living spaces; and,
• highlight – the choice to make your doors a deliberate feature of any setting.

White is the new black

The classic door styles, e.g., four and six panel and Shaker doors normally created in natural wooden finishes, are now being sought after in white. White blends well with any colour in the home décor palette, and, in a similar vein, if the consumer is not requesting white itself, there is a move towards white-primed doors which can be customised to a colour of the customer’s choice. The white trend is easily complemented by the door architraves and skirting and, with the re-emergence of wainscot, the writing may be on the wall for walnut and darker woods, for a while at least.

Brighten – reclaim the light at the end of your hallway

Glazed folding doors are a statement in fashion. Functionally, they open-up garden and entertaining spaces much better than their ‘sliding’ relatives. From a design perspective, they transform the atmosphere of a room single-handedly. Often, they become the conversation piece. With the local market set to remain firmly focused on ‘renovate rather than move’, for home owners the folding door helps them breathe new life into old spaces on a very manageable budget.

2017 is also seeing an uptake in internal glazed doors – as they provide a natural and cost-effective means of dispersing light throughout a household, while creating the impression of a larger space. The Irish preferred classic ranges such as Shaker are now being rejuvenated with contemporary glazed versions to allow the consumer to transform one or two rooms at a time and still retain the overall original styling look throughout their home.

Make interior doors a talking point

New builds and high-end renovations, in both domestic and commercial settings, require the most modern building materials and finishes. At this end of the interior door market, the specification is trending towards a place where technological enhancement meets natural wood. One such range is B&G’s Portfolio collection which covers a range of natural veneers coloured to suit the main decorative tones in the interiors market. Some of these designs are described as bold, fashion-focused, and even exotic! The door to rejuvenation has just opened a little further!

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