Adhesives sector shows moderate Europe-wide growth

The adhesives and sealants sector registered an annual growth rate of 1.4% across Europe in the years 2012-2015, while Great Britain enjoyed aboveaverage performance with an annual growth rate of 3.1%.

In 2015, the size of the European market reached 4.2 million tonnes, representing a value of €13 billion, according to a report by Monique von Dungen, Managing Partner, CHEM Research GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany, writing in The Handbook for the British and Irish Adhesives and Sealants Industry 2016/2017. The European demand for adhesives and sealants accounts for about one third of world demand.

During the period 2012-2015, Great Britain enjoyed sustained growth in the demand for adhesives and sealants, averaging 3.1% annual growth. In 2015, its adhesive and sealant demand volume reached 460 million tonnes and a sales value of about €1.6 billion (manufacturers’ sales value). The recovery of the building and construction sector and stable consumer spending have been the major drivers behind the growth of the British adhesives and sealants market since 2012.

In the building and construction sector, new construction of residential homes and commercial buildings are the most dynamic segments stimulating the demand for adhesives and sealants. The information above was abstracted from the contents of the new issue of the FEICA market report, The European Adhesives and Sealants Market 2014-2017. This report update is available from FEICA: Construction of residential homes and commercial buildings has driven demand for adhesives/sealants in the UK. If that dynamic is reflected in the Irish market, developments in homebuilding and, in particular, the Government housing plan, could have significant impact on Irish adhesives/ sealants sales over the next few years. Irish suppliers are showing plenty of confidence in the market’s potential for growth and here (on page 60) we highlight a number of product innovations.

High performance

MSP Seal Bond from Bostik.

Bostik has updated the packaging on its next generation MSP Seal Bond, MSP Xtrem Bond and MSP Turbo Bond products. A company spokesperson explained that this has been done to reflect the flexibility of MSP Seal Bond, the strength of MSP Xtrem Bond and the speed of MSP Turbo Bond.

The spokesperson continued: “Bostik MSP products are flexible, strong and fast and will stick to most surfaces and substrates – even underwater.”

Bonding strength

Sika Multi Stick from Everbuild.

Sika Multi Stick is a new generation of hybrid polymer grab adhesive from Everbuild – a Sika company, designed especially for the trade with the ability to bond “virtually anything to everything”, the company states.

A spokesperson for Everbuild commented: “Solvent-free and based on new SPUR technology, Sika Multi Stick boasts incredible initial grab, high bonding strength and excellent slip resistance.”

Command in demand

The Command range of hanging hooks, strips and clips.

May 2017 will see a high profile TV advertising campaign by 3M promoting its Command brand of hanging hooks, strips and clips. Adverts will run on RTÉ, TV3, Sky Media and Channel 4.

Command products, according to a spokesperson for distributors Origo, are easy to use with multipurpose benefits for homeowners, renters, and decorators alike. “They offer a mess-free alternative to using traditional nails and screws. Better still, Command products leave walls and surfaces undamaged when removed.”

Tried and trusted

Tec7 has become the number one choice for the trade person and DIY enthusiast alike, according to distributor, Contech Building Products, because they know “it gets the job done first time, every time” – even under water.


The new Tec7 Plumb was introduced to the range last year. A Contech spokesperson said: “This relatively new product is a permanent fix to all heating system leaks. One can does 75 litres of water – enough to do a standard three-bedroom home or 10 to 12 standard radiators.”