Timber sector continues to flourish

Timber production in Ireland is a thriving business and we also continue to import significant quantities. 
The Coford All-Ireland Roundwood Production Forecast was released in March of this year and states that wood production from our forests is set to more than double in the future. Keeping in line with the last forecast, the roundwood supply will increase significantly over the next two decades with almost all of the increase coming from privately-owned forests. The forecast net realisable volume from our forests will increase from c. 3.95 million cubic metres (m) in 2016 to 7.87 million m3 by 2035.

When compared with the previous forecast over the common reporting period 2016-2028, there are relatively small differences in total volume – 66.33 million m3 compared with the previous forecast estimate of 66.04 million m3 along.

Of course, Ireland also continues to import significant quantities of timber and the result is that customers in Irish hardware and builders merchants have plenty of choice between the best of indigenous and imported timber.

Steico stakes a claim to innovation

Steico, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of engineered timber floor joists, is now offering a bespoke, enhanced floor and roof joist designed especially for the smaller developer and renovator. The product, Steico Trade Joist, is available in Ireland through suppliers Wood Concepts.

Described as a simpler engineered timber floor solution for projects from house building to renovation, the complete Steico floor kit offers superior floor performance which will be virtually noise-free with proper fitting, according to the manufacturer.

All Steico joist products feature Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification and Chain of Custody together with full European Technical Approval.

Eddie Kelly, CEO, Grafton Merchanting RoI, has been impressed by Steico’s new product. “At Grafton Merchanting we have recognised the benefits of Steico Trade Joists, they are lightweight and easy to cut and offer consistent quality as a BBA approved product. With housebuilding starting to recover, builders are looking for ways to build more efficiently, and to offer their customers better levels of comfort in their homes, and the Steico Trade Joist fits this requirement very well,” said Mr Kelly. Following a period of staff training, the Steico Trade Joists are now available from Chadwicks and Heiton Buckley branches as well as Cork Builders Providers, Telfords, Eddies Hardware, Market Hardware and Barretts of Ballinasloe.


This EU regulation has been in force since March 2013 and it places certain obligations on operators and traders who deal in both Irish and international timber and timber products. It applies to organisations/individuals who are buyers or sellers of (either or both) international or EU/Irish timber or timber products subsequent to that timber’s or timber products’ first placement on the EU/Irish market, excluding retail customers who are purchasing for their own personal use with no onward trade or further use as part of a commercial activity. Traders are obliged to be able to identify:

  • whom the timber or timber product has been bought from; and/or,
  • to whom they have supplied/sold timber or timber products.

Traders are obliged to keep this information for at least five years and to provide it to the competent authority, if so requested. Under the European Union (Timber and Timber Products) (Placing on the Market) Regulations 2014 it is an offence for a trader to fail to comply with these provisions. The responsibility to comply with the EUTR rests with the trader.

Further information and modalities associated with EUTR requirements and obligations is available on HAI’s E-Learning Platform, www.hardware-educationhub.ie. Please contact Hardware Association Ireland on 01 298 0969 to receive access.