Bright future ahead for an eco-friendly Ireland

Innovative eco-technology is driving the development of green products.

According to the Irish Green Building Council, 53% of manufacturers plan on bringing innovative green products to market in the next few years. Sustainable products are a hot topic for Ireland, the EU and the world.

Products with minimal environmental impact are becoming sought after by governments, corporations and consumers, who are becoming more socially responsible in purchasing decisions due to both changes in behaviour and regulatory pressures.

Building materials specifically are experiencing an increase in demand for sustainable products which can be attributed to the implications of EU Directives such as the European Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) which requires a move to nearly zero energy buildings by 2021, this means that the embodied energy and carbon of products will be become a larger percentage of the overall impact of new buildings. Added to this are several voluntary EU instruments such as Green Public Procurement and the increasing use of Building level certifications. A recent report entitled Better Buildings-A National Renovation Strategy for Ireland states that solutions are needed to achieve targets for more than 1.6 million homes, 109,000 commercial buildings, 10,000 buildings in the public sector and another 4,300 industrial sites. The Sustainable Energy Association of Ireland (SEAI) estimates that an average investment of €21,000 per home would be required to upgrade every home in the country to a minimum BER rating of B3; suggesting a total investment requirement of around €35 billion.


With electricity costs affecting both homeowners and businesses, people are looking for energy-efficient lighting more than ever before. Osram, one of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers, has been focusing on lighting for over 100 years. According to a spokesperson, the company is strongly focused on providing ecological and innovative home lighting. Its energy-efficient lamps and light bulbs reduce carbon consumption and cost by up to 90%, while offering consumers a creative experience in their own homes, the company says.

Osram’s app Lightify allows users to adjust lighting from their tablet or smartphone.

“Osram has invested in research to make a difference in the energy efficient lighting sector and developed Lightify, a sustainable mobile revolution,” the company spokesperson said. “Lightify brings the future of lighting into homes and gardens – light controlled by a free mobile app for smartphones and tablets. The app allows users to control networked LED products such as lamps, luminaires, flexible LED strips and garden lights, and adjust the colours and intensity of lighting. Homeowners using Osram’s Lightify system can benefit from energy efficient and creative home lighting like never before.”