Growth in adhesives expected to stick over next three years

According to a report from global market research company, Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global market for sealants and adhesives will grow at 4.4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the seven years to the end of 2018.

The report expects that the adhesives and sealants market, which stood at US$22.70 billion (€20.4 billion) in 2012, is projected to be worth US$31.64 billion (€28.43 billion) by the end of 2018. This could mean a promising future for Ireland’s adhesives and sealants market with the launch of various products over the next year.


MSP 109 Turbo Bond.

Bostik launched their next generation, professional range of adhesives and sealants in February. “This launch has been hugely successful and has spurred major activity in the adhesives and sealants market. The range has been very well received by both the retailer, and the trade professional and is outperforming all of our expectations,” according to Robert Massey, Managing Director, Bostik Ireland. Bostik Ireland says it is committed to delivering innovative and high performance products to the trade with 2016 shaping up to be another busy year for the company due to the launch of new, advanced technology products. “Bostik will be launching its new MSP 109 Turbo Bond adhesive which is a fast bonding, high performance polymer adhesive that sets in 15 minutes. It is an excellent addition to the Bostik MSP range and ideal for the trade professional,” a company spokesperson said.

Bostik will be supporting this product, and the rest of the MSP range this year with numerous trade campaigns including the ‘Win a set of tyres for your van’ promotion and the ‘Win a bike’ promotion, in conjunction with the Tour de France. Bostik are also due to launch a TV advertising campaign this year supporting the brand and the new adhesive and sealant range.


Everbuild Clear Fix is a new, completely clear adhesive that is set to make a clear difference to the market, according to Sika Everbuild.

Everbuild Clear Fix.

A spokesperson for Sika Everbuild commented: “Clear Fix is a clear hybrid polymer grab adhesive that has the ability to bond just about everything, in both interior and exterior applications. With added UV stabilisers to ensure the product doesn’t yellow over time, Clear Fix is the ideal choice for applications where you may see the colour of the product. Quick-curing, resistant to temperature extremes, over-paintable and totally water-and- weather-proof, Clear Fix is clearly the best choice adhesive on the market!” Sika Everbuild says that Clear Fix is a versatile product which can be used in almost every application imaginable, even when immersed under water. The company adds that Clear Fix comes in a completely clear cartridge to illustrate the quality of the product and look great on the shelf.


According to Contech, Tec7 is the ‘customers’ choice’ because it offers better value, extra product, and is stronger and trusted. ”Tec7 has become the number one choice for the trade person and DIY enthusiasts because they know ‘it gets the job done first time every time’ – even under water,” a company spokesperson said.


“Because of its overall strength, flexibility, sealing and mounting quality, customers know that Tec7 sticks to almost all building materials, including most plastics and, with each cartridge containing 310ml of product, they are getting better value compared to most other MS polymers on the market,” the spokesperson added. “With customers expecting high quality from the Tec7 range of products, the new Plumb7, introduced last August as part of the range, is no exception.”

The company claims that this new product is a permanent fix to all heating system leaks.

“Simple to use, the can will come with an applicator making it easy to pour in to any radiator. If you have an open heating system, no problem, Plumb7 is ideal for use in both open and closed heating systems,” the spokesperson said.


The Works Multi-Use Sealant and Adhesive.

Geocel have announced that their new product, the Works Multi-Use Sealant and Adhesive, tackles tough jobs usually impossible with a traditional solvent or water-based adhesive and, unlike solvent- based adhesives, the Works will not attack synthetic material. The company have promised quick curing along with no shrinkage or staining, there is no need for additional fixings for most applications.

“The Works Multi-Use Sealant and Adhesive is environmentally and user friendly, as well as being non-hazardous, inflammable and odourless, meaning this product can be used in confined spaces or in areas open to the public,” a company spokesperson remarked.

“The Works Multi-Use Sealant and Adhesive can be applied to both wet and dry surfaces and in any weather conditions where a seal or bond is needed, it also resists mould growth and can be painted over with water-based paint,” he added.